Hi, and welcome to the Dig The Falls website.

We are excited that you stopped by!

Due to an overwhelming need to add more purpose to Dig The Falls, we have revamped the site (again) for everyone to get even more involved in the Dig The Falls community! Over the last 5 years we have focused strongly on creating positive impact projects that aid in trail cleanups, trail building and the creation of urban greenspace.

Dig The Falls Team, waterfall trail cleanup

New York State Waterfalls have become a very big topic online, with as many as 50 websites devoted to the subject. Many of these sites are curated by very talented individuals just like yourself! Some have even joined the Dig The Falls Facebook community. We recently had the privilege of adding Bobbies Waterfalls to our database and will be curating her original website and data sets in perpetuity.

We are truly blessed to have become familiar with a lot of great people! With this blessing comes the heavy responsibility to act. With every new set of eyes on our website, a greater need for us to offset our web “foot print” is created. We are up for the challenge!

The new site design is intended to offer a sense of community while also allowing expansion of content pertaining to everything outdoors in New York State. While you are viewing our pages feel free to email us with some suggestions that would make the site a better place for you. Who knows? Maybe your suggestion could help everyone who visits Dig The Falls.

Please also check out the Waterfall Challenges that have been created to aid in getting people outdoors and involved all over the state!