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The Auction Was A Success, Thank You!

The auction we created for the month of September, raising funding for environmental student at Paul Smiths College, went fantastic! We had a lot of great items and services that were donated by some very talented and generous individuals. Our main goal is to reach at least $2,500, but hope to get up and over $25k in order for their to be an endowment created. This would really help a lot of environmentally minded persons, who will have a positive […]


Donations from NY Hikes and Waterfalls

For some time Dig The Falls has been 100% self funded (bootstrapped). A few years ago we upped our efforts to find other funding sources so we could make even more of an impact. Recently we were blessed enough to join a group of fellow waterfallers in Facebook called NY Hikes and Waterfalls. Karra, the admin, started offer waterfall swag and offered the earnings to Dig The Falls to help aid in trail cleanup activities! We are blown away for […]

New York State Waterfalls Guide book

The New York State Waterfall Challenge Has Reached 10 Finalists! #NYSWaterfallChallenge

There are very few state wide challenges for New York, but the NYS Waterfall Challenge is one you will want to join! Originally announced in 2018, there have been many people actively engaged in this specific challenge. Due to several locations being closed to the public in the original guide, John Haywood authored a completely new guide. With an expanded waterfall list and QR codes for directions and further information, the new guide sets the bar for future outdoor guides […]

Ausable River Association and Dig The Falls | a Dig The Falls Channel Partner

We’re teaming with the Ausable River Association in supporting local waterways and bodies of water! You can too – Please stop over and check out their site. Tell them Dig The Falls sent you! From Their Site: The clean, clear water, healthy streams, and rich habitats of the Ausable River, its tributaries and its lakes are essential to the communities – human and wild – that call the watershed home. While its headwaters and significant sections of the East and […]

Dig The Falls Meetup

Dig The Falls Adds Three decades!?

Most would find it troubling to add three decades to almost anything. But experience? Dig The Falls  has been fortunate to have grown acquainted and networked with some of the finest individuals in the waterfall niche. From specialists like Scott A. Ensminger of The Western New York Waterfall Survey, to the extremes of Dean Goss of World Of Waterfalls and Waterfalls of the Northeastern United States and many others in between. The years have been very kind to bring so […]