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Why, Dig The Falls?

Some may not understand the power of “Why” Why is one of the primary questions we all develop as children. There is a whole category of memes based of this one word, and as a father of 3 kids under 5 years old I have grown all too familiar with the word. Why anyone does anything can’t always be put in a sentence, or explained away easily. “Why” is also the deeper understanding of what we do and who we […]

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2020 Second Annual Dig The Falls Can Drive

The SecondAnnual Dig The Falls Can Drive will focus on further building a legal fund in our efforts of gaining Not For Profit/501c3 status. Why would anyone want to help us reach our goal? Great question! First, it is important for me to acknowledge that, without supporters such as yourself and others reading this blog, we would not have accomplished everything we have thus far. Thank you! Second, and more important, we have many volunteers that do not give financially. […]

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Dig The Falls Joins DackMap

We’re excited to announce Dig The Falls has joined DackMap! DackMap, the exciting new recreation app created by brothers Nick and Luke LaScala has been taking the Adirondacks by storm. The app allows users to locate areas of low congestion and find exciting new places to explore… like waterfalls! Dig The Falls is excited to announce we’ve partnered with DackMap to provide hundreds of waterfall locations throughout the Adirondacks. This will offer plenty of spots to explore away form the […]

Please Avoid Platte Clove and Kaaterskill Clove

Please read this important update from the Town of Hunter regarding parking enforcement near Kaaterskill Falls and Fawn’s Leap. Find alternate areas to visit and avoid this area. http://townofhuntergov.com/kaaterskill-clove-parking-enforcement-update/ Recently, Kaaterskill Clove and Platte Clove have come under heavy scrutiny due to the misuse and abuse in the forms of overcrowding, illegal and unsafe parking, tons of garbage being left behind, and a just blatant disregard for common decency. These areas include Kaaterskill Falls, Bastion Falls, Fawn’s Leap, and Plattekill […]

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Waterfall Roadtrip Compilation!

Outdoor recreational activities are, by their very nature, potentially hazardous and contain risk. Locations, trails, and waterfalls listed on this site, and conditions, accuracy, and safety, cannot be guaranteed. You are hiking and visiting these locations at your own risk and at your own will. Waterfall Roadtrip Compilation! New York waterfalls are among the most beautiful, and our Waterfall Roadtrips have gotten a lot of love! So, we’ve decided to compile them all in one convenient Waterfall Roadtrip Compilation! Below, […]