Finger Lakes Region Waterfall Challenge

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The Finger Lakes Region Waterfall Challenge

To celebrate the waterfalls of the Greater Finger Lakes Region, and to encourage people to get outside, explore, and visit new areas of New York State, Dig The Falls has created a Regional Waterfall Challenge; The Finger Lakes Waterfall Challenge!

Author and photographer, John Haywood, has compiled a list of waterfalls from across the Greater Finger Lakes Region and put them into a guide that can be used simply for fun as a waterfall guide, or a guide to aid you on your quest to obtaining a patch for completing the challenge!

The Finger Lakes Waterfall Challenge works as follows: Participants must visit any 35 of the waterfalls included in this guide. After visiting the 35th waterfall, submit $4.00 per person, to help cover costs, and in turn, receive an embroidered patch. We do ask that you send us a photo of you standing next to any four of the State Park signs. The challenge begins when you get your guide.

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In case you’re wondering why we have some waterfalls included that might normally be labeled “Western NY” or “Central NY”, for this challenge, we are using the counties within the Finger Lakes Region as defined in the New York State Department of Economic Development regional map.

Be sure to check  the websites we’ve included in the guide for each location as some locations have an admission or small entry fee (donation). More importantly, please check to make sure they’re open and trails are accessible as they may be subject to seasonal conditions.

For questions and inquiries, please email us at fingerlakeswaterfalls@gmail.com.


Once you complete the challenge, please email us at fingerlakeswaterfalls@gmail.com to let us know you have finished and to submit the required photos, and for information on submitting the $4.00 to receive your patch.

Businesses who would like to be a sponsor of the challenge are encouraged to email us at fingerlakeswaterfalls@gmail.com. You’ll get a full page advertisement in the guide for a one-time donation of $100 and a half-page advertisement for $50. Proceeds will be be used for promotion and patch production. Ads are indefinite, meaning they will not require renewal and will remain in place unless otherwise specified by the business. In order to keep production costs level, we must limit the number of ads accepted. Email us at fingerlakeswaterfalls@gmail.com for further information.

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