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To celebrate the waterfalls of the Hudson Valley, we have created the Hudson Valley Waterfall Challenge! The latest of the Dig The Falls waterfalls patch challenges.

Having the Adirondack Fifty Falls Challenge and Finger Lakes Region Waterfall Challenge, we didn’t want to leave out one of the most beautiful and historic areas of New York State; the Hudson Valley!

Known for its rich history, art, and breath-taking scenery, the Hudson Valley has become a go-to destination. In addition to its beauty, there are plenty of other things to do such as visiting wineries, dining at the many restaurants, and hiking. And whether you use the guide to track down and check off waterfalls to complete the challenge, or as a waterfall guide to visit waterfalls, you’ll enjoy the time outdoors by yourself or with your friends and family!

The Hudson Valley Waterfall Challenge works as follows: Participants must visit any 50 of the 56 waterfalls included in this guide. Once complete, submit $4.00 per person, per patch, to cover shipping. In turn, they will receive a patch for their efforts. We do ask for a safely-taken selfie with any five of the waterfalls in the background to be sent in via email. The challenge begins when you get your guide. There is no start/end date.

Additionally, to give our fans input, we’ll be holding a contest for the patch design!

The design will be a 3.5″ circular patch and must represent the Hudson Valley without including any copyrighted material/images.

Email entries to

The winner will be announced no later than Sunday, May 31st and will receive a copy of an upcoming waterfall guide, plus a $50 prepaid gift card!

Please email once you complete the challenge to let us know and for information on getting your patch.

The guide is available for wholesale. Businesses wishing to sell the guide may contact us at

Click the cover image below to order.

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For more information on New York State waterfalls, visit our NYS waterfall map.

PLEASE NOTE: All properties should be considered posted and/or private property unless you have specific knowledge otherwise. Access to any waterfall or natural area of any category is a privilege and can be revoked at any time for any reason. Respect landowner rights, speak out should you witness anyone doing otherwise and educate everyone willing to listen about good environmental stewardship and the Leave No Trace (LNT) ideology. Please use our New York State Waterfall Map responsibly.
Dig The Falls would like all site visitors to take the greatest precautions when visiting any location listed herein. Although there are some locations that fall within park systems, there are many more that do not and are considered very dangerous to visit. ALL outdoor locations can be considered dangerous. In visiting this website you are agreeing to release Dig The Falls of any liability from any visitations to any of the locations listed on the website as a whole.
Outdoor recreational activities are, by their very nature, potentially hazardous and contain risk. Locations, trails, and waterfalls listed on this site, and conditions, accuracy, and safety, cannot be guaranteed. You are hiking and visiting these locations at your own risk and at your own will.

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