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Alternatives to the same old places.

by John Haywood

While we love the outdoors and normally encourage people to get outside, we at Dig The Falls are not taking a side here. We are simply offering alternatives for places to go if you absolutely must. The goal is to give you options and ideas for keeping occupied and keeping safe during these trying times. The fear is, if too many people are ignoring the government’s recommendations, they’ll soon become mandates. We all need to do our part.

During these trying times, we’re all looking for something to keep our minds occupied. Whether you’re considered non-essential and out of work (like myself), or you’re continuing to work in a beyond-stressful environment, the urge to get outdoors is great. Stress relief is a major concern. Being stuck inside for days affects everyone differently and can lead to depression.

While government officials call for everyone to stay inside and follow CDC guidelines, we also hear from other agencies saying “the outdoors is still open” and to get outside. This has been the subject of great debate, and while each side has valid points, the fact is that human nature will lead to people heading out.

If you insist on going out, be sure to follow the CDC guidelines and practice social distancing, but also be mindful of the smaller things, like if you stop for gas and touch the screen and handle, get money from an ATM, or even run in a store to grab some snacks for the trip and use a cart or basket. Also, travel as close to home as possible, and try to stay within your county.

More than just a few state parks

Did you know there are 215 state parks in New York State? Surprised? Well, here is a link for you to find one near you! https://parks.ny.gov/parks/

There you can look up what parks are closest by entering search parameters, like county. Find a new favorite park!

In addition, keep in mind the numerous County, City, Town, and Village parks that are out there. A quick Google search is all it takes to find some of the places that often don’t get enough attention.

The goal is to find a place to go aside from the usual major parks that have been seeing huge crowds to the point of being shut down due to capacity.

Explore your county on Dig The Falls

Did you know that you can enter the name of your county in the search bar at the top right of our home page and you’ll get the waterfalls and articles that pertain to that county? Give it a whirl!waterfall words

You can also find the closest waterfalls to your home by entering your address or town name in the search bar on our Waterfall Map page!

Challenges galore!

Have you seen our waterfall challenges? Now’s a good time to plan your Summer trips without leaving the house! Featuring the Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, and all of New York State!

Adirondack Fifty Falls Waterfall Challenge, Finger Lakes Waterfall Challenge, Hudson Valley Waterfall Challenge, and New York State Waterfall Challenge.

Start a garden

It’s not all about hiking and recreation. You can go out to your yard and plant some seeds if you have them. Veggies, flowers, whatever you may have. gardenSet up a bird feeder, hang some flowers that attract hummingbirds. Add some color to brighten your surroundings! This is a great way of keeping occupied and keeping safe!

Take a walk around the block

You go to work, you come home. But how often have you noticed what’s in your neighborhood. Now’s a great time to appreciate your surroundings by taking a walk around the block.


If you do go, take the #twobucketchallenge or do a little cleaning of your favorite areas. Obviously, handling trash takes on a whole new level of responsibility now so be sure to take the proper precautions.

The two-bucket challenge is simple. Visit an area and collect two buckets worth of trash. Use the hashtag #twobucketchallenge and we’ll share your photos.#twobucketchallenge


Good luck, and be well while keeping occupied and keeping safe!

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