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Muddy Boots Guide + Gear Rental Co

Our Second Channel Partner announcement!!

Keep on the look out for more from Muddy Boots Guiding + Gear Rental!!


Muddy Boots Guiding + Gear Rental

The Team at Muddy Boots is a conglomeration of exceptionally talented and down to earth individuals! These are people who will not only make sure you are fully prepared for any length excursion and weather you may face, but they do so fully equipped to handle any emergency  or wild change to the plans during your outing.

Fully licensed guides with several accreditation each; you will regret not using their services, no matter how short the hike and what skill level you are at!

From Their Site:

Muddy Boots is an outdoor adventure and education based guide service designed to elevate novice to advanced level adventurists by facilitating their wilderness goals. Our passionate and professional team is continually perfecting the art of adventuring through customized seasonal activities ranging from family friendly hikes to challenging multi-summit expeditions, winter hiking, snowshoeing, backpacking, thru and ultra hikes, camping, women focused outings, group excursions, and workshops.

Allison Cascade Kozel

Sean Iannucci

Corey Fehlner

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