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A State of Waterfalls Awaits You!

Here at Dig The Falls, you won’t find too many competitive posts, as we feel that being a team with the outdoors and everyone who explores it is very important! But the New York State Waterfall Challenge is our one exception since because we believe it facilitates what we are all about: educating visitors on these beautiful locations and promoting the safe and ethical use of these scenic waterfall areas.

new york state waterfall challenge patch

While we have had a couple of the team members complete this journey already, we are well aware of a few of our Instagram followers who are on their way to completing the first half of the journey! It’s exciting to see people taking this so seriously well before the official announcement had been released for the challenge.


This is a first of its kind challenge! Please stay respectful of each of these areas, and treat each as if your visit will impact the area for years to come. There is no doubt in my mind that it will, but you will decide how.

While the ADK 46ers have a relatively formal process of documenting their high peak climbs, we will start off with the concept of trusting each and every one of the applicants and their claims to have defeated the challenge and being rewarded for doing so.

We would appreciate it if each person would use the hashtags #digthefalls and #NYSWaterfallChallenge for photos they take and share from each location visited. Not only will it help us find your images online easier, but it will make the competition more searchable for other interested challengers. We realize that not everyone uses social media, so don’t stress it if you don’t do this part of the competition; you can just take a photo and share it directly with me, and with your permission, I will share it. If at all possible, a visitation journal is suggested, but by following the directions below you will have one in hand already!

1. Purchase a copy of New York State Waterfall Guide by using the hyperlink below, we get a very small percentage of each sale. This will be spent directly on future trail cleanup efforts! Otherwise, you can check with your local bookstore.

New York State Waterfall GuideNew York State Waterfall Guide, challenge 

2. Visit at least 100 of the locations within the book. Mind you, there are several locations with many waterfalls. This does not count as multiple waterfalls toward the patch (i.e. Watkins Glen State Park has 19 named waterfalls, but will count as 1 location).

*Use the book to help keep track of your visits! Write the date visited and make notes of your visit, as well.

3. Take a photo of yourself, with the waterfall in the background. Share the photo on Instagram and/or Facebook using the hashtags listed above. Or send photos directly to us (info@digthefalls.com) and we can share them 🙂

4. Once complete, let us know! We can set up a face to face meeting if you like! We would be honored if you asked us to join you on your last hike obtaining the final waterfall!!!

5. Wait for your patch (if we weren’t able to accompany you on the last location hike), to come in the mail!

Ausable-Chasm 2

One of the main reasons we want to offer this challenge is to get you and your family out on these trails. Show people what is out there. And also, to show how many of these locations need our help in cleanups and trail maintenance. So many of these areas have trash on the trails, so if you do see this, please pick it up if you can! And please, share a photo of the work you’ve done to improve these locations so we can personally thank you and give you shout outs on Instagram and Facebook (and our blog)! We LOVE when people show us how they are making a positive impact on the areas they visit!!!

Should you wish to donate toward future cleanup, please find the donation button to the right side of the page (desktop version). I am Edward M. Smathers, founder of Dig The Falls, and I make sure all funds are placed directly to cleanup efforts all over the state. Every dollar helps! Volunteers are even better, as more hands mean more work performed. 🙂 Follow us here on our blog, Instagram and Facebook so you can stay up to date with all we have going on!

Keep it fun! Keep it safe! Happy Waterfalling!
The goal is to leave these places better than you found them 🙂

For more information on New York State Waterfalls, please visit our New York waterfall map.

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