New York State Waterfall Guide

An Adventurer’s Guide to the Empire State’s Cool Cascades

Introducing the newest New York State Waterfall Guide! Featuring 121 waterfalls from across New York State, plus additional nearby waterfalls! We explore the usual spots as well as many of the lesser-visited waterfalls. Areas such as the Stag Brook Trail in the Adirondacks, the Falls Creek Gorge Trail in Ithaca, and more waterfalls in the lower Hudson Valley! Did you know there are waterfalls in New York City?!

With access to thousands of locations, this is the only New York State waterfall guide that comes with the full weight of the Dig The Falls website behind it. Yes, there are other New York State waterfall guides, but this is the only interactive guide!

      • Easy navigation through scannable links, not just the author’s point of reference, allowing you to get directions from anywhere
      • Photos, where possible (weather and conditions don’t always cooperate!)
      • Larger font size to read directions and specs easier
      • Waterfall photography section
      • Access to thousands of waterfalls on the Dig The Falls website
      • Websites for parks and municipalities to get the most current information
      • Not only are there 121 waterfalls included on pages, but dozens more are accessible through included links!

While this guide doesn’t get into the history and background of waterfalls, it gets you where you want to go and introduces a number of waterfalls that we never see in other guides.

There are three versions available. Costs for printing in color when publishing independently are quite high and require a higher price point. Therefore, we’re offering both color and black and white editions. The Kindle edition is color.

For those interested, or currently involved in the Dig The Falls NYS Waterfall Challenge, the New York State Waterfall Guide will replace the “Waterfalls of New York State” guide.

In the first iteration of the New York State Waterfall challenge, you’re asked to use the ‘Waterfalls of New York State’ hiking guide to visit 100 waterfalls located throughout New York. While this was wildly successful, a lot has changed since the book was originally published in 2012. Several locations have become completely inaccessible, while others weren’t completely accessible even at the initial publication of the book. These locations have been excluded. Locations not included in this guide that have already been visited, will still count toward your total. Excluded locations have been listed in the back of the guide for reference.

For more information on waterfall challenges, visit our waterfall challenges page.

PLEASE NOTE: All properties should be considered posted and/or private property unless you have specific knowledge otherwise. Access to any waterfall or natural area of any category is a privilege and can be revoked at any time for any reason. Respect landowner rights, speak out should you witness anyone doing otherwise and educate everyone willing to listen about good environmental stewardship and the Leave No Trace (LNT) ideology.
Dig The Falls would like all site visitors to take the greatest precautions when visiting any location listed herein. Although there are some locations that fall within park systems, there are many more that do not and are considered very dangerous to visit. ALL outdoor locations can be considered dangerous. In visiting this website you are agreeing to release Dig The Falls of any liability from any visitations to any of the locations listed on the website as a whole.
Outdoor recreational activities are, by their very nature, potentially hazardous and contain risk. Locations, trails, and waterfalls listed on this site, and conditions, accuracy, and safety, cannot be guaranteed. You are hiking and visiting these locations at your own risk and at your own will.

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