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image of patch, Finger Lakes Waterfall Challenge

Finger Lakes Region Waterfall Challenge

The Finger Lakes Region Waterfall Challenge To celebrate the waterfalls of the Greater Finger Lakes Region, and to encourage people to get outside, explore, and visit new areas of New York State, Dig The Falls has created a Regional Waterfall Challenge; The Finger Lakes Waterfall Challenge! Author and photographer, John Haywood, has compiled a list of waterfalls from across the Greater Finger Lakes Region and put them into a guide that can be used simply for fun as a waterfall […]

Bog River Falls waterfall 2

The Adirondack Fifty Falls Waterfall Challenge

Click here to be taken to the official challenge page. Dig The Falls is announcing their latest project aimed at helping to spread out the crowds that visit the Adirondack High Peaks: The Adirondack Fifty Falls Waterfall Challenge! Waterfalls are a mainstay of the Adirondacks. They attract people from all over who come to see their natural beauty. Many of these visitors come to the High Peaks region where the issue of overcrowding is prevalent. Our goal is to help […]

Beecher Creek Falls

New York State Waterfall Challenge

A State of Waterfalls Awaits You! Here at Dig The Falls, you won’t find too many competitive posts, as we feel that being a team with the outdoors and everyone who explores it is very important! But the New York State Waterfall Challenge is our one exception since because we believe it facilitates what we are all about: educating visitors on these beautiful locations and promoting the safe and ethical use of these scenic waterfall areas. While we have had a couple of […]