Waterfalls of New York State: 100+ Challenge

new york state waterfall challenge patch

With over 3,200 waterfalls in the state of New York, there’s going to be a lot of waterfall challenges circulating very soon!!

New York State Waterfall Guide

Three NYS Waterfall Guides are available: Black and White, Color, and ebook. 

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Instructions for the challenge are at the bottom of this page.

It is on this book that we set the cornerstone of the entire challenge. The waterfall locations within the book number at just over 100, and you will be asked to visit at least 100. No bonus points for doing all of them, but I will definitely give you a huge shout out for doing so! Possibly join you on your adventure to the last one!!!

new york state waterfall challenge patch
Our one of a kind patch, which was designed and illustrated by Kaitlyn Sapone of www.kaitlynsapone.com, is in the process of being embroidered. The patch will be awarded to each person that completes the challenge on an honor system basis. We will not be checking up on you and you will not have a sponsor during your travels. Our fans are awesome, so why would we need to double check your awesomeness? If you see fit, feel free to capture a selfie at each location. You will thank yourself later. Trust me, from my own experience!!

The challenge is free to anyone who would like to attempt it (except for the purchase of the book – see the link below the cover picture). There is no timeline for start to finish because we know everyone has busy lives. Just get it done! When I was photographing for the book I had days where I could only visit one and other days where I visited seven to ten! It’s up to you how you want to enjoy these locations.

Please let us know if you have any questions and leave a comment if you love the idea! And, as always, sharing is caring! 🙂

For more New York State waterfall locations, please visit our New York waterfalls map.



  • Visit at least 100 locations from the guide
  • Keep track of the locations whatever way works best for you
  • Once you reach the last 10 locations, contact us: info@digthefalls.com (we like to try to hike with you to one of your remaining location, if possible 🙂 )
  • Once you have proven you reached at least 100 locations, we will send you your patch and certificate of challenge completion
  • Congratulations!
Disclaimer: The Waterfall Challenge is an “at will” activity in which the participant must willingly purchase a book from an authorized vendor in order to participate. In no way does the purchase of the book and/or the participation in the Waterfall Challenge constitute Dig The Falls’ responsibility to indemnify any party or organization in any event that occurs before, during and/or after participation in the Waterfall Challenge or related events/challenges.


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