Donna McCabe aka. BookGirl911 – Contributor for Dig The Falls

Donna McCabe is well on her way to completing the #NYSWaterfallChallenge, while also bringing you some fantastic blogs of her travels!!

She has been a valued contributor to Dig The Falls since we met last year, authoring several of our more popular hiking posts. With a great attitude and determination, Donna has reached over 50 waterfalls for the New York State Waterfall Challenge, based on Waterfalls of New York State. She is a powerhouse of energy and good spirits.

Donna’s photography is beautiful, and we would be remiss not to share her SmugMug account with you all. Her photos capture the locations she visits with a unique quality that you will not find in many photographs. We are very fortunate to have her as a photo contributor from time to time.

If you have not yet visited her Instagram, please follow her!!

Waterfall Wednesday Roadtrip

Do you feel like you have something to contribute? Feel free to reach out: info@digthefalls.com

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